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Children's Education

The Bahá'í writings provide moral and spiritual guidance to help parents raise children to become a positive asset to society, and to ensure they receive a broad, useful education in the sciences, crafts and professions.

Regular Bahá'í children classes are held in our area.  There are neighbourhood classes as well as Bahá'í Education in State Schools (BESS) which are open to the public. These classes teach the Bahá'í perspective on the history and ideas of all the world's great religions, and aim to give children a firm grounding in spiritual and social values with an emphasis on service to humanity.

Please contact your local Bahá'í community to find out where your children can attend Bahá'í children classes.


Regard man as a 
mine rich in gems
 of inestimable value.
 Education can,
 alone, cause it to
 reveal its treasures,
 and enable mankind
 to benefit therefrom.



Two of our beloved teachers


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